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sandwich wall panel
sandwich wall panel Contact Us
Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
E-mail :[email protected]
Address:Address: #901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China

HUBEI BOYUEJIA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a modernized new high-tech enterprise integrated research, production, sale and installation of new energy saving wall materials, facing decoration materials and machinery. BOYUEJIA professionally supplies comprehensive solutions for locule walls and separating walls of modification works, kitchen, wash room, facing materials for interior and exterior of building walls, and so on.

BOYUEJIA Brand Products have superior performance such as lightweight, energy-saving, environment-friendly, high efficient, solid, earthquake proofing, fireproof, heat preservation, sound insulation and waterproof. BOYUEJIA products are adequate for high-rise buildings and modification works,such as locule walls, separating walls, kitchen, wash room, facing materials for interior and exterior of building walls, and are one of the best choices of wall materials for plants, apartments, hotels, office buildings, and public constructions. Products of BOYUEJIA is manufactured in accordance with National New Wall Materials Standard JG/T169-2005, and all performance indexes measure up to standard. So BOYUEJIA products are popular for their reliable quality and splendid performance.

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Product Description
01 Fireproof
The fire resistance of the boyuejia sandwich wall panel can be more than 4 hours under the high temperature of 1000 degrees, And do not radiate toxic gases, the non-inflammability can reach national A level standard
Sound insulation02
The calcium silicate board on the boyuejia sandwich wall panel surface and the connection of bump slot between panels are with good effect of sound absorption and sound insulation
03 Heat Preservation
The boyuejia sandwich wall panel is composite by a special process with EPS, cement, sand and auxiliary materials, and also with superior performance of calcium silicate board as face panel, to ensure its heat preservation performance
Waterproof and
damp proof
The water container is made of Boyuejia material without any waterproof plaster with no leakage at all. The tests show that the material has good waterproofness and dampproof. Boyuejia material can be used in wet area such as kitchen, toilet, basement.
05 Grooving and wiring,
nail and stick
The boyuejia sandwich wall panel can be arbitrarily grooved and wired according to needs, nailed or install expansion screws to hang heavy loads, the single point of hanging strength is above 45KG.
Enlarge the using area06
According to the national criterion of construction wall panel, the 75mm thick boyuejia sandwich wall panel can be instead of traditional 120mm thick wall panel, can increase 4.26m2 using area per 100m2 house
Good wall panel depends on the high standard requirement of raw materials
  • Adopted calcium silicate board with national JC/564.1-2005 standard as face panel
  • The face panel with higher strength, better fireproof, soundproof and wetproof performance, and also longer using lifespan
  • Using high quality cement, sand and EPS as core, composite by a series of special process
  • The indicators of lightweight wall panels exceed the industrial and national related indicators
  • Fireproof
  • Sound insulation
  • wetproof
  • anti-quake
  • Lightweight
  • green
  • environment-friendly
  • heat preservation
  • high quality calcium silicate board

  • high quality sand

  • excellent performance EPS styrofoam

  • advanced cement stir equipment

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1.Easy-essembly, fast-installed, high efficiency.
2.Fireproof, sound insulation, safe and comfortable home.
3.Reusable after installation. Simple dismounting and installation if the wall structure need to be changed.
4.Cutting a groove inside the wall
1.High efficiency, fast construction, simple.
2.Good sound insulation, simple construction, low noise.
3.Non-harmful substance, non-pollutation gases.
carrying the board into position
Eject double lines of board thickness up and down the axes of installed wall board, and easily carry to the side of wall according to the specification needed.
Sawing board
Using hand-hold electric saw freely according to the specification of wall, which can reduce the loss rate.
Sizing the bump slots and then spread the baseline and the bump slots with the Boyuejia special adhesives.
Carrying the board prepared to be installed to the installation place, correcting the wall board by gavelock and making it close tightly, and let the polymer mortar squeeze out into full and fixing it with a chock temporarily
Correcting, fixing
Using a guiding rule of two meters to check the verticality and leveling correction. Then using 6mm or 8mm reinforcing steel bar and ribs adding with construction sealant to fix.
Grouting and filing starch
Using the boyuejia special adhesives to fill the gaps between boards one day after correcting wall. Then putting the chock out and letting the corrected wall smoothly with polymer mortar.
Grooving and piping
Cutting a groove by a hand-hold electric saw for burying the concealed wire and switch box. Then filling with polymer mortar after installation.
Sticking anti-cracking tape
After grouting 3 or 5 days later, sticking anti-crack tape of need second decoration or attaching fiber mesh cloth.
Installing doorcase
Preparing a door and window hole on the installed wall, anchoraging it with splint or lines.
Sticking ceramic tiles, or wood facing panels and coating directly on the installed wall without plastering.
Boyuejia Excellent service will make our cooperation easier
Professional engineer
Design partition wall solution
1. Technical investigation on spot, measurement date real-time uploading
2. Engineer provide solving solution in 48 hours for client’s reference. Modification is based on users’ requirement till users satisfy with it.
Professional construction team
Casting quality engineering
1. In selling process ,professional sales staff available to follow up the construction schedule, coordinate the construction environment and problems in Construction.
2. Professional construction team, high efficiency, quick installation, short working duration, qualified quality
Perfect after-sale service system
Best service is available any time
1. Boyuejia takes great importance on your calling every single time
2. Your feedback will be referred to the relevant person in charge, problems will be surveyed and solved as soon as we get it.
Construction Team
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Hubei Boyuejia Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tel:+86-27-59109550 E-mail:[email protected]
Address:#901, Block 2, Harbour of Technology Times, No.35, Optical Valley Ave., Wuhan City, China
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